Mistress Rouge

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

With grief with fury with action By Ed Pavlić

when we lose track of the person not to be
confused with that democratic fetish
‘the individual’ when we lose track of that particle
that permeable pool of plasma
the person and take human reality
to be a solid matter (most often
male) of people’s (often enough clotted
into mobs often enough mobs of so-
called ‘democratic action’). . . Jesus
Christ let’s just call it conscious intention
lashed to the cleated post of mute
inheritance we need to be very careful
in that situation when persons are
pushed (ultimately at gunpoint)
to feel that they have nothing to
lose and that can feel (though most often
it tingles numbly) like freedom
but it’s not freedom is never that
we must be ve-ry careful more
careful than anyone can actually be
because it’s dangerous when it feels
like anything’s possible
but nothing can happen very
dangerous when it feels
like anything can be put immediately
on display but somehow
nothing can be revealed to live
in a world (so-called) where
everything’s within reach but nothing
can be touched maybe
it’s a terrible truth (quite possibly
a truth of parenthood) that for any one
thing to be known (or touched)
everything else must be complexly
felt as if thru an infinitely
sensate dilation pure aperture maybe
that is the open and awestruck light of love
and it’s very simply never ever
simply just that which is the spark of art
iculate speech an S curve pulls parabolas
thru a syncro-mesh gearbox a sudden break
in low clouds off the coast
and into a remorselessly gray sea
of eyes pours a silver sheen a glistening pool of pain

Femdom Filming with Me & Miss Kitty Bliss Cannock Sept 12th

It gives Me great pleasure to announce a Femdom Filming Day with the amazing Miss Kitty Bliss of London September 12th 1pm - 7pm at a equipped location in Cannock West Midlands £100

All applications - http://misskittybliss.co.uk/filming-slaves

Warm regards

Mistress Roug'e

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

“Cargoes” by John Masefield

Sent by email from one of My lovely subjects this morning.

“Cargoes” by John Masefield

Quinquireme of Nineveh from distant Ophir,
Rowing home to haven in sunny Palestine,
With a cargo of ivory,
And apes and peacocks,
Sandalwood, cedarwood, and sweet white wine.

Stately Spanish galleon coming from the Isthmus,
Dipping through the Tropics by the palm-green shores,
With a cargo of diamonds,
Emeralds, amythysts,
Topazes, and cinnamon, and gold moidores.

Dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack,
Butting through the Channel in the mad March days,
With a cargo of Tyne coal,
Road-rails, pig-lead,
Firewood, iron-ware, and cheap tin trays.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

"Man has no free will at the present time....

"Man has no free will at the present time, but merely the power of choice over a certain area of incidents brought, by his ever growing consciousness, within the scope of his comprehension." - 33rd Degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall

Monday, 8 August 2016

Archetypes | WOMAN KING

Archetypes | WOMAN KING
And she speaks in a voice that sets men trembling, with eyes painted gold and a throne built on the bones of those who would challenge her rule. Cults of ascetics dance ecstasies in her honour and write her words in blood across their altars. Her body is a holy temple and her power springs from the divine source of her own terrible will. She is not of mortal flesh, they will whisper, as she wheels on her stallion and screams warchants to the heavens, emerging from battle wreathed in the blood and soil of a new kingdom. She rules with iron fists, with the cracking of cathedrals, with the love and the fear of her vast wild armies. She harbours a sword within her unquiet roaring heart, and with it has carved herself a new space, outside of law or nature or humankind. She is the mother of an empire; she is the mother of herself. Watch her rise.

Author Unknown..

Friday, 5 August 2016

R.E.D. Femdom Sadist Party - October 1st

R.E.D. = Relentless Excessive Discipline Femdom Party

Hosted at a fantastic venue Central Birmingham West Midlands. S&M & BDSM night, for the discerning FemDomme Sadist and Masochist.

A night for the discerning Femdom Sadist and the masochists that admire and appreciate them. R.E.D. appeals to those that embrace S&M & RACK Risk Aware Consensual Kink with intimacy and freedom for serious and hardcore players. A select night for FemDom Sadists and Masochists to play without all the usual constraints.

The ethos for R.E.D. is to welcome Female Dominant Sadists with their male & female TS/TV/CD masochists. An exclusive play night, for all FemDom Sadists to embrace and express our sadism and to socialise and share our interests.

Switches are also welcome, however keeping in mind this is a FemDom event.

TV/CD/Transgendered Sadists and Masochists, also very much welcomed,

Play encouraged, no voyeurs.

Dominants and Sadists may attend, with multiple sub/slave/masochist.

Single submissive/slave/masochist will only be allowed entry, if I have met them, know them personally or they can be vouched for by someone I know.

Caning Chaos Competition with an engraved trophy for the winning couple. Each Femdom & slave couple will each embark on a '13 of the best' caning strokes and I will announce the winner after all competitors have completed their caning participation.

Punishment Melee There is a line-up of slave's and Femdom Mistresses all in alphabetical order and each slave in turn receives 13 strokes with their own implement of choice from each Mistress in the line-up.. All consensual and not compulsory I may add however this is a very enjoyable experience even for the spectators that do not participate..
"Best Marked" Prize engraved Trophy for the "best marked" in the "Punishment Melee"...

8pm until 3am.

£20 Per Person

Bring your own alcohol and mixers/chasers.

A sumptuous buffet is served on the evening included and tea/coffee.

To reserve your placement, you must add yourself "as going" also memo Me direct here or direct email listed below and I will add you personally to the Guest List.

An extensively equipped diverse venue, with multiple rooms extensive fully equipped dungeon rooms, medical room, chill out rooms, changing rooms and lounges and dance floor.

Arrival Time 8pm- 10pm respectfully so the evening itinerary can run smoothly respectfully.

There is ample free off street parking location is discreet so you may arrived dressed, or change at the venue upon arrival.

Nearby Hotels:
Ibis Hotel Bordesley Circus Birmingham which is at a reasonable budget
Paragon Hotel Birmingham

This event is not suitable for novices, beginners or voyeurs but for those that embrace RACK & S&M. Attendees are those that I know personally or for those that can be vouched for which is imperative.

Direct email enquiries - email@maamrouge.com
Contact phone on the evening 07871381510

Warm regards,

Mistress Roug'e.